The Future of Work & Online Events

Working from anywhere must include community and connection - in person and online.

The Future of Work and Events by RedRex
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The Future of Work & Events

Digital Work Is Fractured

  • On average, executives check their
    • Phone: 2,617 times a day
    • Email: 74 times a day
    • Notifications: 46 time a day
  • Switching apps tanks productivity
    • 21% become less efficient at their job
    • 19% report reduced attention to task
    • 17% admit they work longer hours
  • Frequent task switching adds up to a 40% loss in productivity
  • Each interruption it can takes 23 minutes to regain focus
  • Remote Meetings Waste Time
    • 77% of remote workers use video conferencing software - Up from 48% in 2020
    • Time spent in video meetings has risen 8-10% each year since 2000
      • 83% of employees spend up to a third of their work week in video meetings
      • 71% waste time every week due to unnecessary or canceled meetings
      • 55% have more meetings now than they did in person
      • 35% participate in virtual meetings multiple times a week
      • 17% participate in virtual meeting multiple times a day
    • Almost half of employees feel meetings frequently waste their time
      • 56% want to spend less time on video calls in general
      • 42% contribute nothing in meetings
      • 40% waste up to 30 minutes searching for the right link
      • 31 hours are spent in unproductive meetings monthly
    • Waiting for meetings to start costs nearly 11 minutes per meeting - or more than 3 days per year
      • Senior executives costs are greater: 16 minutes per meeting (nearly 6 days per year)

The Cost Of Remote Work Fatigue

  • In 2022, 23% of American remote workers say their zoom fatigue is higher than it's ever been
    • Remote workers say the top contributors to digital fatigue include:
      • Meetings running too long: 56%
      • Staring at a screen for long periods: 52%
      • Meetings serve no purpose: 49%
      • Seeing yourself on video all the time: 38%
      • Constant eye contact: 35%
  • 49% say that being on camera makes them more exhausted
    • 14% more women experience Zoom fatigue than men
  • Why Is Digital Interaction More Stressful?
    • Personal Space
      • Faces seem larger on video which makes them feel too close
      • Exaggerates eye contact, making you feel like the focus of everyone's attention
    • Mirror Effect
      • Presenting you with a constant image of yourself increases self-awareness and anxiety
      • Mistakes and miscommunications appear to never be forgotten
    • Reduced Mobility
      • In-person and phone conversations allow you to move and walk around which helps improve cognition
      • Remote conferencing forces you to stay at your desk, on camera
    • Nonverbal Communication
      • Trying to decipher tone and other cues is difficult, adding stress and increasing misunderstandings
      • Requires participants to exaggerate your natural gestures and reactions, which can be misunderstood

Building An Office For Remote Workers

  • 78% of remote employees want to continue working from home for the rest of their career
    • Of remote employees:
      • 49% miss seeing their colleagues
      • 44% miss personal interactions with colleagues
      • 26% miss in-person meetings
      • 14% miss water cooler chats
      • 14% miss the office environment
  • RedRex: Location-Based Meetings For Digital Work
    • Designed for use by Web3 communities, online event providers, and startups
      • Buildings: Every digital building on RedRex has a street address in the physical world - owned in the form of an NFT
      • Floors: Each building is comprised of floors with customizable layout and user permissions
      • Rooms: Owned by individuals or shared - owners and admins can close and open doors, users can “knock” on closed doors
    • ○ Each room has various functionalities
      • Voice, video and text chats / share rich media in each room
      • Choice of Web3 Wallet / email login
      • Security access badges available at every level

A single place to create, manage and host online events

The future of work needs to adapt. Working from anywhere must include community and connection - in person and online.