Virtual Buildings
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Digital buildings, floors, rooms and walls for seamless transition between remote and in-person collaboration.


Digital Buildings,
Physical Addresses

Create virtual buildings with floors or levels, just like a real building. Each building on the platform is tied to a physical address on a real-world map.

Floors & Rooms

Virtual Floors and Rooms

Once you create a building, you can add virtual floors with shared and private rooms. Rooms can be owned by an individual, like a personal office, or they can be shared, like a conference room.


Walls in each room

Pick from our catolog of digital walls and add them to your rooms. Walls allow you to integrate the apps or tools you use on a regular basis. This way, you can use them in one single place and easily share them with people.


Chat everywhere you go

Use video, voice or text chat wherever you are in the platform. Bump into someone in the break room. Send an announcement to everyone on a floor. It's easy to find people in your building and start a conversation.


Close your door

Want privacy? Need to focus? Shut the room door, just like in a real building. If someone wants to visit, they can knock on your door. You can let them in or politely decline. Even people from outside your building can visit with a temporary access badge.


Personalize your Experience

Bots made for you

Our AI-powered virtual assistants help you schedule meetings, remind you when work is due and more. They are your personal concierge throughout the platform.

Earn Loyalty

Our proprietary blockchain technology allows you to earn RexCoins and spend them to enhance your buildings, appreciate your colleagues and earn perks!

Integrate your tools

Develop your own walls with the RedRex API and Software Development Kit (SDK). Instead of logging into multiple tools, you can just go to RedRex and see it all in one place.