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"If Adobe made a Web3 product suite, that's basically us"
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Everything you
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Blockchain Business
No more fragmented workflows, no more endless spreadsheet management. Post on multiple platforms and automatically track data, so you can see your community health at a glance.
Let's Go
See the health of your business at a glance
Forget Excel,
Try RedRex
Whitelists no longer serve as a reliable indictator for success.
It's both costly and time-consuming to setup manually.
Sell whitelist spots, willingness to pay greatly increases chances of minting.
Our spots are on-chain which drastically reduces gas-fees.
A new way of minting,
see our
Early Mint Tool
Current pre-mint cycle is broken, fractured and dated.
Founders constantly having to spend time validating project mint details.
Our tool enables users to pay for their NFT pre-mint, guaranteeing value.
NFT held in escrow until mint day, allowing users to refund if needed.
Foster your
community with
PFP Staking
Projects suffer community disengagement after mint.
Staking has been boring and doesn't empower or enrich your community
Give holders loyalty rewards when they use your NFT as their profile picture.
Engage your community with loyalty incentives that don't require grinding.
Create your own
Leverage our Web3-native metaverse solution, where you can brand and configure a home for your community and team to engage and interact.
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